Mini-You (2014)

- Artist International Development Fund 2014 (ACE & British council)


A project involving craft & gifting to strangers


Mini-You was a response to the beginnings of Selfie Culture. Iā€™m part of the generation that first used Facebook, when we were 16/17. In the decade that followed, there was such an explosion of putting images of ourselves into the world - often without consideration for who might be looking at them or where they might end up on the world wide web.

In 2014 I received an Artist International Development Award (ACE & British Council) to go to New York. I knew I wanted to do something around the idea of a cultural exchange, something outside a traditional arts space, and was inspired by the selfie culture explosion.


I asked 8 volunteers from the UK to supply me with a photo of themselves, which I crafted into Mini-You dolls.

These Mini-You dolls were distributed by me, to strangers in New York complete with a letter and instruction book - instructing them to make a new set of 'selfies' - ones that were not controlled or overseen by their owner.

UK Volunteers then got to see life through the lens of another human being, a stranger from New York. 

The photos you see here were all emailed to an email address included in the gift package. 

(click here for the blog I wrote at the time)