Mini-You project

Photo captured with owner's permission. 

Photo captured with owner's permission. 












This is an experiment.

We're all putting images of ourselves out into the world, through various obvious means. I've created 3D versions of these images, in a doll-like form.

Volunteers from the UK have supplied me with one full body shot from which I've made the MY's.  I've made 8 as a test run. 

These Mini-You dolls have been distributed by me, to strangers in New York - instructed to make a new set of 'selfies' - ones that are not controlled or overseen by the volunteer owner.

Volunteers should get to see their new life through the lens of another human being - all photos will be collected and displayed on here.  



Here are the MY's wrapped up and ready to be given out. I wrote an instruction booklet for each MY with the name of the doll and any personal details the owner might have included with their original photo, along with what I'm asking the stranger to do...


After spending hours making the little Mini's I'm both sad and excited that they have left my care and have officially flown the nest. I tried to catch people in different places to see different reactions - on the subway, on the street, in cafes, in shops, waiting for someone else. I think most people thought I was a bit crazy, but think most (by the end of exchange) enjoyed being 'gifted' something.  Hopefully I said enough to persuade them to have an open mind and let themselves be playful... we shall see.