Sing Your Heart Out (2012)

- Improvised & interactive performance piece

Sing Your Heart Out


Come join the girls for a raucous, drunken night of pop hit karaoke. You can join in, dance, or just watch/talk to these wonderous peacocks – who may or may not vajazzle your face.

Sing Your Heart Out was a reaction to female role models and representations of women on reality tv shows in the first decade of 2000. Appearance, beauty and vacuousness was all. Having intelligence, purpose or dignity was not.

“A gaggle of heavily made-up clowns sing drunken karaoke. Claiming to be a party of Essex girls on a night out to London they invite the audience to take the mic and sing along. Their painted smiles, neon fright wigs, and sequins are a sort of manic vagazzling run riot, crudely covering rosee-fueled heartbreak. Perhaps the most poignant moment came when a swaying clown in high heels sang a weepy number for her ‘Darren’ while her sisters tried to comfort her, repeating ‘he isn’t worth it. You deserve better darling’. All the while a grotesque DJ with balloons for breasts egged them on.  These committed and resourceful performers have pulled Grin and Bare It together on a shoe-string. They should be supported and applauded. They have created an evening that is unsettling, funny and genuinely moving.”