Funeral (2010-2012)

- A solo experience for a participant using craft, audio, walking and one on one performance. Last presented at SPILL National Review of Live Art 2012



The Bluecoat, Liverpool – 11 June Poolside Emergency festival 2011
Barbican Plymouth – 26 Feb In the Flesh 2011
Green Room, Manchester – 1 & 2 October Emergency 2010

A detox experience for the mind, heart and memory – for one at a time. Bring or make a memento of something you’d like to forget. Bring an item, object, photograph, letter, anything steeped in a memory or emotion you no longer want to have.

We are a culture of therapy-goers and self help book-readers, sitting in a circle of chairs to share our addictions and obsessions. Can we really help ourselves? Or should these flaws and scars be accepted as a part of who we are?

Everyone around me was detoxing. To shed weight, cleanse their liver and to generally feel a bit smug about being so self-disciplined. But what about the heart and mind? I wanted to imagine society had developed a scientific means to detoxify and rejuvenate these organs. A power I often wish I had. Through the recognised ritual of a funeral, I aimed to provide this detox service for my participants. Funeral was an experiment to see if it was at all possible. It was a 30 minute experience that involved a making-room for one, an audio experience, a walk and an encounter with me at the end.

Participant comments:
‘A playful and evocative experience to ‘make’ a memory.’

‘What a gift. A time whilst I have time…to stop and really think about what’s on my mind and in my brain.’

‘Watching my fear drowning in a garbage bin full of water was oddly beautiful.’

‘Actually strangely exactly the right time to have this experience. Not letting go is something I struggle with so this is something I will keep with me to remember to. Beautiful.’

‘Very good idea, loved the performance. Well done.’

‘Beautiful idea, self-led and kindly guided. Thought provoking and gentle. Thankyou!’

‘I found the experience moving and beautiful.’