Letters Project/HIVE (2019)

The Letters Project

 The Letters Project is a creative project package developed for schools and community groups to run themselves. It includes a teacher’s CPD session from me, an online instruction video to teach people how to deliver the project, a shopping list and different creative stimuli and ideas for subject matter to inspire those leading the session.

A test version of the first project was delivered in June 2019 as part of Woodhorn’s Explore Arts scheme for Year 5’s and 9’s across Wooler First School and Glendale Middle School - schools which share some school facilities and assembly time but lack moments of connection between the different age groups.

The workshop included writing exercises, personal idea generation, paper decoration and origami envelope making. The letters were given to their recipients in a ceremony in the woods and the letters now live on in the lives of those recipients.

The next version of this project happened in seven schools across Northumberland who all wrote and exchanged a letter with a child from another school. #dearnorthumberlandartist

If you would like to buy this creative package for your group, please get in touch. It can be adapted for different needs, interests and aims.


An outdoor installation and live art exchange

To follow on from the Letters project at Wooler, we developed a live art exchange, where the children entered an installation in forest on their school grounds to exchange their letters with younger children, and hang a ceramic form they were given in exchange. Together the children worked together to add to the installation and spontaneously started reading their letters to the recipients in the forest.